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Animake is a very efficient Tool for different tasks in the diagram range and is simple to serve. Animake essentially addresses itself to Web master and those, which would like to provide animated GIF pictures from single photos. Animake is suitable outstanding for the treatment of pictures with the following operational areas:

With Animake you provide animated pictures without any previous knowledge. The program optimized for applications of InterNet is suitable excellently for the production of animations. Who moved pictures in the InterNet to publish wants seizes at the best GIF format saving to the place. With the "Animated GIF" in only one file several individual GIF pictures are stored in such a way that you are played automatically as mini film. Animake can provide such animations from frames or convert videos directly into the GIF format. With Animake you change by mouse-click videos in GIF animations over. The software joins just as simply frames to an animated GIF. Beyond that Animake changes the size as well as depth of shade of individual image files and computes common pallets for all particular pictures of an animation.


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Gif Animator Animake

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Gif Animator Download

Download of the program (file size: 2302 KB):
File name: ANIMAKE.ZIP
Operating system: Windows

Important: Animake is freeware. Please note however that only a private use is free! For commercial use (e.g. commercial homepage, etc.) is a registration of the advertising-free version compellingly necessarily! You can order the gif animator animake for a advertising-free version for only 19 USD:

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